SAM store and move - SAM storage - did not deliver or pick up on time.

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Rented SAM storage container to declutter for sale of home. Scheduled drop off of my container four days before moving company was to arrive. Container was not delivered on day scheduled. Another Cust. serv. rep. told me it would be delivered the next day. It was not.

Container finally arrived minutes before the rest of my house was loaded onto the moving truck going out of state. Though I got my stuff, it added stress to move as SAM does not service area of country I was moving to and I was unsure how I'd get the rest of my junk that was sitting in their warehouse in New Jersey.

HERE is the major problem. The container is still sitting in my drive way at my old home blocking access to the home for the people moving into the house. No one at the 800 number can get me a manager to speak with or tell me anything except, "sorry it will have to be picked up on Tuesday". Tuesday is too late - the new occupants will have no place to park their cars and the movers can't move their furniture in around the monster size container.

This company is the most exasperating group I've ever had to deal with.

ALSO - when the truck driver delivered the container he seemed annoyed that I wasn't going to tip him - isn't tipping reserved for GOOD service????

Save yourself some stress and use another storage company.

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